Why I hit the snooze button on social media


If you’ve been following my blog or any of my social media accounts, then you would have noticed I was quiet for over a year. I know, that was quite some time right, but believe me, every minute was time well spent.

I always love to learn and expand my horizon and improve my skills and person; and last year, I did exactly that. I spent a lot of time in the US to study the latest in neuroscience, brainwave entrainment and holistic healing.

I believe that when you enable people to sleep, you wake them up to their full potential. I would like to be able to help more people – not just through face to face sessions – but to extend it to those I can’t reach physically. So my goal last year was to find awesome ways to take the sleep program to people across the globe, and have it be just as effective as those I work with in person.

Whilst hundreds more people have been through the sleep program in the last year, and are now sleeping well again, I took some time out of social media and blogging.  During this year of sleeping on social media, I gained new learnings, new experiences and new tools to add to my kit and even a new and wider direction for My Sleep Coach. We also ran our first international sleep retreat – which was a resounding success – with plenty more to come.

I am so excited to share with you how my past year has been spent but even more excited of the new things to come!

Here are a few snapshots of how I spent last year and the people I had the awesome chance to work with:

Holistic healing

Learned holistic healing and brainwave entrainment from the amazing Dr Jeffrey Thompson, and spent time with his girlfriend Louise Hay

Anodea Judith

With the wonderful Anodea Judith while studying the latest in trauma release

Dr Joe Dispenza 1

Learning the energy system of the body with Dr Joe Dispenza

Aside from the above learnings, I also studied how to “de-armor” the body or remove the layers of tension in the body that build up over time with stress. I learned some fascinating techniques used in shamanic traditions. These and more are what I’ve been busy with and will definitely start to incorporate in my sessions moving forward.  

My social media sabbatical also allowed me time to work on my new sleep e-course, which is going to be launched very soon so be on the look-out for that! 🙂

The new year is bringing in so many new things for me and so I am sharing them with you as well so we all can have longer and more restful nights this 2017!

Sleep tight my sleep peeps and don’t let the bedbugs bite! 🙂

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