Edel“Working with Elina was the best decision that I’ve made in years. Her coaching improved my happiness levels, my feelings of self-worth, helped me understand my anxiety, improved my ability to relax, as well as my sleeping. Elina is very genuine and caring, so I felt comfortable opening up to her and embracing her advice. Elina uses a very holistic and thorough approach to get to the root cause of sleep issues and then to break them down and change the habits. I’ve learned so much about myself – why I think the way I do, what I choose to think and that I hold the power to change my thought patterns and feelings. At first, I was hesitant about embracing this journey over Skype sessions, but after the first session I felt completely at ease with doing the course over Skype, in the comfort of my home. I got to do the last few sessions in person, when Elina was in Melbourne so it was great to get the best of both situations. I feel blessed to have met Elina and to have had the opportunity to do the sleep coaching sessions. I’d highly recommend these sessions to anyone, not just for sleep issues, but also for personal growth.”
Edel – Melbourne, Australia

praise for My Sleep Coach“Working with Elina of My Sleep Coach has changed my life. I have struggled with chronic insomnia for years and tried many different, and sometimes very costly, strategies that never resolved the issue – a sleep specialist, sleep restriction, sleep study, acupuncture, strong prescription drugs, cutting out caffeine, sleep ‘hygiene’ and more. Even meditating twice a day did not really help until I also started working with Elina. She really understood the struggle that was facing, as she has experienced insomnia first-hand.

I had always assumed that work stress was one of the causes of my insomnia, as I work as a lawyer and appear in court daily. When I went on long service leave and still couldn’t sleep, I became really afraid that things would be like this forever. The strategies Elina gave me have worked better than anything I have tried before. I am back at my job full time and sleeping better than I have in years, without using prescription sleeping pills. Elina helped me to change my approach to several aspects of my everyday life that were causing stress and preventing me from relaxing during the day and before bed. I was able to do this without having to change my job or my lifestyle. I came to realise that I had to eliminate stressors throughout the day so that I could sleep at night, rather than just focussing on a pre-sleep routine. I learnt to challenge various negative thought patterns that were causing me anxiety without my knowledge.

Elina is very supportive and personally invested in helping her clients create change and positive outcomes so that they can fully enjoy their lives. She takes a holistic approach, using various methods I had never heard of, and is very open to finding new strategies that work for you. As I live interstate, all of our sessions took place on Skype. It was still more effective than any face-to-face sessions I have ever done. If you are reluctant to invest in an unfamiliar treatment approach, please be assured that it was absolutely worth it for me, and I am so glad that I met Elina and was able to work with her. I have been recommending her to all of my friends and would like to recommend her to you too.”
Michelle – Perth, Australia


sleep coaching client“I was an insomniac for over 15 years and had tried everything including sleeping tablets and CBT. I’d read everything I could find about sleep and relaxation. Elina’s approach is really different and powerful because it also focuses on breaking down stress-inducing patterns of behaviour in our daily lives. It really is a truly holistic approach. I’ve learned so much from Elina, and she’s genuinely passionate about helping others with sleep problems as she’s been through it herself.”
Anna – London, England



sleep coach“After the first session I felt completely different – the transformation was amazing. I’d just forgotten how to relax. I’m so grateful to Elina for the difference she’s made to my life. I’m off sleeping tablets and I feel like a different person. I’m happier in my daily life and everyone is noticing the difference. I wish I’d found her sooner!”
Paul – San Diego, California, USA




insomnia cure“Elina didn’t just improve my sleep – she changed my whole life. She digs deep to find out who you are and asks you questions that challenge you to change your mindset about sleep and just life in general. Thanks to my My Sleep Coach sessions, I’ve learned to incorporate more relaxation time in my life and am sleeping better than ever. More than that: I feel better than ever. Infinite thanks to you, Elina!”
Lindsay – New York City, USA



insomnia cures with My Sleep Coach“Working with Elina was the most amazing eye-opening experience! She is very intuitive and perceptive, and genuinely wants to help people improve their lives. She has helped me to understand myself better, and also relax more deeply. I highly recommend Elina’s sessions for anyone who wants to have a higher quality life.
Zehavit – Sydney, Australia



insomnia cures with My Sleep Coach“Elina is a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and positivity. She really knows how to make a difference in her client’s lives and focus on what brings the best outcomes. She is great to work with and I’d fully recommend her to anyone.”
Annie – Sydney, Australia




MaryAnne”It is my pleasure to recommend Elina. She genuinely cares about and understands her clients needs and has the ability to go deep to uncover and bring to the surface the real issue. It is with great care and compassion which Elina holds the space for her clients. She integrates multiple sources of technologies with her own intuition to create a holistic approach to the program. She is a joy to know and witness in her element.”
MaryAnne – Melbourne, Australia