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Sleep coaching is a treatment program for people who have problems sleeping, or wish to improve the quality of their sleep. Coaching is flexible around location and lifestyle and can be in person and via Skype or phone if needed. We offer two types of sleep coaching programs:

  • With one-on-one coaching, we will work with you to assess your sleep and create your personalised recipe for sleep success. This will include assessing your current sleep, thought patterns and lifestyle then a series of one-to-one sessions to retrain your body and mind to achieve deep sleep easily.
  • Group coaching is a program designed for people who have difficulty sleeping, or wish to improve the quality of their sleep, but prefer to be supported in a group. The coaching covers everything you need to know to begin to sleep well again. The groups are small enough to get individual attention, and large enough to feel supported by your peers.

Our unique comprehensive program utilises cutting edge neuroscience combined with ancient wisdom to address all of the major issues that affect your sleep including:

insomnia brainwaves

Increase brainwave flexibility to easily reach a delta (sleep) brainwave state for deeper sleep
insomnia sleep mindset

Sleep Mindset
Learn how to adopt effective attitudes and beliefs towards sleep
nervous system insomnia cure

Nervous System
Learn how to trigger the relaxation response and accurately read your nervous system

insomnia thought patterns

Stress Patterns
Change your thought patterns that produce ongoing underlying stress.  Switch off the racing mind.
sleep strategies for insomnia cure

Sleep Strategies
Learn effective strategies and relaxation techniques to get to sleep quickly and easily
lifestyle insomnia cures

Understand how to diet, exercise, and technology affect your sleep.



By completing the program you’ll:

  • Get to sleep faster and achieve deeper more restorative sleep
  • Increase physical energy, brain function, balance hormones, and strengthen your immune system
  • Develop a strong foundation for optimal health
  • Learn tools to help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety
  • See the positive reverberations of how quality, consistent sleep impacts every aspect of your life



Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your approach more effective than others?

Our unique approach at My Sleep Coach addresses the real underlying causes of sleep issues. In particular, our work with brainwaves is critical to restoring a person’s ability to sleep. Other modalities typically overlook this. Or they just focus on dealing with one aspect of the sleep problem. Each of the 6 issues we address are important to make a fundamental change in a person’s sleep skills and ability, and to restore their sleep to an optimal level. 

What happens during the initial consultation?

During the first consultation, we will assess the causes of your sleep difficulties and put together a tailored plan to address the causes of your sleep problems.

How long will it take to see results?

Typically people notice improvement after each session. By the end of 8 sessions, a client will have a significant improvement in their sleep. The number of sessions required depends on the extend and nature of the sleeping difficulties. 

When are you available?

Please contact us at (02) 9300 0950 to schedule an appointment. 

Can you treat all types of insomnia?

We specialize in the treatment of non-physically caused insomnia or sleep difficulties. In other words, if you have sleep difficulties which are not related to a physical condition, then we will almost certainly be able to help you cure your insomnia. In the case of sleep apnea, whilst we cannot cure it, our techniques can assist people with sleep apnea to improve the quality of their sleep.