At least a third of adults suffer from insomnia. 2.9 million Australian workers have problems sleeping, with work stress cited as the primary reason.

Sleep disturbances cause fatigue-related productivity losses estimated at $1,967 per employee annually. Lack of sleep accounts for workplace accidents, illness, absence, low job satisfaction, and poor performance.

Harness the advantages of good sleep for your company

Better sleep has huge benefits for health, performance and productivity.


Indi1vidual one-on-one coaching
Comprehensive sleep health assessments 
and personalised treatment plan

2Group Sessions
Training, exercises and coaching on how to restore
the your optimal sleep

4Flexible Sessions
Time and location, skype, video conferencing or phone.

Guest Speaking           1
Conference presentations and lunchtime talks on 
how to achieve optimal sleep

Activities and treatments to improve
wellbeing including sound therapy, hypnotherapy.

6Relaxation techniques and aids
Targeted materials to take away and use


How we help employees be at their best

We provide a range of solutions to improve workplace stress and sleep deprivation. Our holistic approach looks at all key factors affecting sleep including getting into the right brainwave state for sleep, traditional sound therapy and state of the art wearable audiovisual technology.


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